13 min - Action | Thriller | Romance

This movie is about feelings, dreams, love and all-destructive jealousy. Sarah is a young artist who works un a restaurant and dreams of a better life – she opens her own studio, does things she loves, start a family. She is not alone and shares her dreams with a young man. They are in love but see each other rarely because of his work. During some of his holidays, he invites her to go with him: “Away from here, somewhere where no one knows us. We could set up a studio for you, you will work again, I’ll get a dog, fix the boats, we’ll have a child.” Sarah agrees and they both looks happy and full of hopes. But lasts their happiness for a long time? Can the ghosts and mysteries of a life, that they both want to leave, destroy their plans?

In this movie we have considered the mistakes we had made in the last movie and tried to fulfil a couple of new ideas. For example in this movie we have built our shots not just because “it’s looks better so”, but we tried to develop an “Image System”. This system, using hight and low angles, depth of field and some other techniques, adds in a film another narrative layer and creates associative meanings between characters that are not explicit in the story.

Regie: Olga Fjodorova
Postproduktion: Dmitrijs Fjodorovs
Hauptschauspieler: Jan Berger
Hauptschauspielerin: Olga Kazakevica