Bar à Vin

9 min - Mystery | Thriller | Romance

In comparison to the other movies that I shot, the work on “Bar à Vin” was the hardest one – more movie characters, larger team, many night scenes, visual effects. The work on the movie from the development of the idea to the publication took almost half a year. In addition this movie was for me the first experience in directing.

The movie tells us about the life and fate of a “small man”. A waiter in years, quite ordinary man, leads a very ordinary life. But every man someday experienced “moment of truth” – a sharp reflection regarding his goals and his place in life. The young waiter and the wicked person are two personalized internal oppositions of our protagonist. On one side – a young hopeful and purposeful man, that each person is a master of their destiny. On the other side – the wicked person – an incarnation of strict reality, of fate determination and human powerlessness to change anything.

The idea of ​​the Movie is quite simple – the world is determined, preordained. Even if we do everything possible, it does not guarantee us that our wishes come true. The strict reality and different circumstances may prevent it. The Movie is also often refers to the concept of the city from the literature of the nineteenth century. This concept considers the city as an organism that predetermines life of the people, it exploits the people and destroys their dreams. Exactly this collision of People with reality I wanted to show in the Movie.

I would say that this Movie is very personal, almost intimate. There is everything inside – the wine bar where I really work; our jokes with colleagues about the “magic door” in the basement, which leads home after a hard working day; as I looked at the stars through the telescope; and of course, my dreams and my perception of the world.

Story, Director, Cinematography, Postproduction: Dmitrijs Fjodorovs
Music: Markus Rom
Sounddesign: Sven Laux

Old Waiter: Yannick Pitois
Young Waiter: Roman Hemetsberger
Wicked Person: Daniel Freiman
The Girl: Olga Kazakevica