One Story in Light

3 min - Dance video | Sci-Fi | Romance

I made this dynamic video, one of my experiments with film, in 2017. In addition to new recording techniques, I wanted to tell the story in quite different way for me – with the help of a dance.

Two young people meet in virtual reality. This meeting leads to real feelings, but due to bad connection the girl leaves the VR room. A few days later, they meet in the street. Will they recognize each other?

The film has two parts – reality and virtual space. They not only differ visually but also have different narrative models. History in the VR is a dance. The work on the film was very exciting. Together with Leo Gold and Carmen Volpe we have developed a dance in contemporary style. The dance had certain elements that we could combine differently. This “grammar” of dance left Leo and Carmen a lot of space for improvisation and also gave us the opportunity to achieve different effects, depending on which component we use. So we have built three dance parts – encounter, foreplay and love.

Story, Director, Cinematography, Postproduction: Dmitrijs Fjodorovs

The Boy: Leo Gold
The Girl: Carmen Volpe
The Boy in the Reality: Tristan Bumm
The Girl in the Reality: Sharon Kotkovsky

Vimeo Password: einegeschichteimlicht