Other Works

Basically here are collected photostories and -series, but not only – this section is to describe some photoprojects, fulfiled ideas, events, etc.


A young woman is in love with her man. Their relations appear to be serious, they live together. But one day the woman comes earlier from work home and caught the man cheating…

When we hear the word “Closeness”, we usually think of something positive. But this photostory shows us that the closeness (both mental and physical) is not always good. That it can also be dramatic and dangerous. The woman felt close to her man, she loved him. But the man had very primitive physical closeness with another woman. These both Closenesses led to murder and destroyed the life of the protagonist.

Models: Noémie Aufragne, Onur Kar
Location: Berlin

Film developing

With the appearance of digital photography, which makes it much easier to get high-quality images, the classic film began to die. But in fact exactly the analog photography bring the photographer not just to make as many photos as possible, but bring them to think about a frame and analyse every single detail in it. I love this approach and from time to time take pictures with my old analog camera. However, I must confess, that I only recently learned this fascinating process entirely and instead to give my negativ to developing unit, I have closed in a darkroom and finally experienced this almost magical feeling when you drop your photo paper in a developer. And only after that I realised, what the analog photography exactly is. Here you can see the results of my experiment.


Reworking of the classic literary works XIX – early XX century about the fate of the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes.

A young naive woman comes in a big city. She is filled with dreams of a better life. The reality is quite different. After she has not found a job, to survive she is forced to work as prostitute. This life leads our protagonist to drugs and completely destroy she as a person. The story criticizes modern society where a man is simply an instrument to profit – his hopes and dreams are of no real worth.

Models: Marie Darme, Olga Fjodorova
Location: Berlin

The photostory was captured on Fujichrome Provia 400X slides and wasn’t digital edited.


Photostory about an artist, who has created a work from trash. First the society despises the artist. But after the story about her in a Magazine, the same society admires she. The story should show shallow judgments of society over men.

Models: Marie Darme, Olga Fjodorova, Yannick Pitouis
Location: Berlin

The photostory was captured on Fujichrome Provia 400X slides and wasn’t digital edited.