About me

DimitriSurely, in every person’s life comes the moment when you say to yourself: “I need to change something!”. I graduated as a programmer then worked as a freelancer, have managed the development of a few projects. All of this was interesting and breathtaking but that moment came into my life too.

While still at university we often met with friends, viewed different films, analysed them and even tried to write our stories. Cinematography was more than just interest for us,­ it was a true passion. At the same time I became interested in photography. It probably happened because I was still young, naive and full of optimism but anyway when I’ve decided to make a change in my life I didn’t just paint the walls in my flat in new color, but moved from Latvia where I was born, to Berlin; left programming and started to do what attracted me since the time I was at university­ – photography.

Photography for me means more than just pretty pictures. It means the ability to tell the story, to show a typical situation at unusual angles, to designate my point of view at a problem and probably make viewers think of it. It is an opportunity to show human’s inner world conflict. And despite the fact that all stories were created in Ancient Greece, variations in which they can be presented would never be exhausted. Furthermore, like with any kind of Art, the actual issues of today can be brought to discussion through the photography and an aspect the author presents it is always unique.

Despite the fact that I work in different genres including photographing some boring things just for money, I try to never forget what genuine photography is and why I started to do it.